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Discover the story of Schlabach Wood Design

Amish made kitchen cabinets

Schlabach Wood Design began building cabinetry in 1994.

But its origins trace back so much further. You could say it began with Ralph, an Amish farmer boy born in Holmes County Ohio in the 1920s. Ralph loved his farm, hard work, and his woodworking hobby. Fast forward to the 1960s and you’ll see Ralph passing on these values to his son Willis. Every day, the father had a dime waiting for the first of 7 sons to arrive in the barn for the pre-dawn milking, Willis found great joy in often collecting this reward. The lessons of an honest and hardworking ethic were being learned.

Or you could see the origins of SWD in the high school drafting class in little Sugarcreek Ohio. Willis, a senior, enrolled in the class and loved the feel of paper and pencil as he created layouts and designs. It was this class that led to Willis’ first job straight out of high school at the local cabinet shop. After a few months on the shop floor, Willis found himself again in front of a drafters board, pencil in hand, cabinet designs ready to be drawn. The pencil pretty much never left.

The love of woodworking, cabinetry, and design coupled with that work ethic formed the foundation when SWD began in 1994, and have been the building blocks ever since. We’ve grown from our humble beginnings by focusing on combining quality materials, craftsmanship, and that hard work ethic. We feel these 3 pillars allow us to offer great value to our customers.

As the company has grown, our team has been reinforced with others who share this same passion for hard work and attention to detail. See the story has really always been about family. Our family of coworkers gets the opportunity to provide your family with function and beauty to enrich your home. Your project is not just another production quota to meet; it is a unique project to craft, it is a chance to bring your dreams to reality. We love that thought.

As for Willis, for 25 years he’s been building this family as his own grows and ventures out. As we look forward to the 2nd quarter-century at SWD, we are so very grateful for all the opportunities that God the Father has given us. We look forward to partnering with you to meet your families’ needs; we look forward blessing your family and enriching your home with quality craftsmanship to last a lifetime.

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President & Founder

Schlabach Wood Design

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