Made-by-hand, hardwood custom cabinets

Old fashioned skills and handiwork by Amish artisans compliment the solid all wood structure of our customized cabinetry. Our Amish crafted custom cabinets will bring beauty, style, and uniqueness to your home. Looking for something with contemporary dash, rustic simplicity, or old world charm, Schlabach Wood Design is sure to please your taste.

With hundreds of ideas to choose from, you can count on our designers to help you! From start to finish, Schlabach Wood Design will guide you; from design style to wood species; from finishes to distressing and glazing.

Schlabach Wood Design has an eye for the exceptional . . . a passion for perfection. Visitors stepping into the showroom are astonished at both the beauty and quality of the exhibits. Here you find artisans to help you customize the furnishings for any room in your house or office, based on your needs and preferences.

Custom made means no compromises from Schlabach Wood Design. All our cabinets and furnishings are individually made to give you exactly what you want. Every piece is designed and constructed to your specifications. We do not use prefabricated sizes or predetermined shapes, so we can fit every space precisely and perfectly.

Custom made means personal attention by Schlabach Wood Design. For Schlabach Wood Design, every project begins with an idea session. Schlabach Wood Design will meet with you to talk over options, consider possibilities, and establish project parameters. Then we'll go to the project site together so we can construct a precisely measured pattern for the cabinetry that both meets with your approval and makes the most attractive and efficient use of space. Home Offices by Schlabach Wood Design. Custom built your dream home or work office by Schlabach Wood Design

Custom made means exceptional quality. Our showroom and workshop are in the heart of Amish Country, giving us ready access to two unique resources. We use the finest American hardwoods from nearby sustainable growth forests. We have a staff of local artisans of Swiss-German ancestry who come to us with generations of expertise in crafting the finest custom cabinets and furnishings.

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